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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Venture Studio”?

As a Venture Studio, Heinonen Ventures creates and builds startups by partnering with talented founders. We bring our studio team, fund, methodology, and network to bear to significantly increase the chances of success, and decrease the time to get there.

Are you a venture fund?

Yes and no. Heinonen Ventures is primarily used to build new startups rather than invest in existing startups. We are able to work with existing startups but only if they are early in their journey, and have not yet raised any money in a priced round.

Can I pitch my idea to you?

Yes, absolutely! Just go to the button on the top right side and click “Build With Us“.

Why should a Founder work with Platform vs raising money from a traditional venture fund?

We are the best co-founder you could have! Like a individual co-founder, we will build with you; blood, sweat, and tears. However, unlike an individual co-founder:

  • we draw no salary from your startup
  • we pay startup expenses out of our own pocket to get the ball rolling
  • we can lend your startup money, if needed
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