We Build Ventures

With Entrepreneurs , With Founders , With Dreamers , With Hustlers

Just Like You

Heinonen Ventures is a group of tech entrepreneurs driven by curiosity and building B2B solutions from the ground up.

Since 2023

2 Ventures Created​

2 Entrepreneurs Backed​

3 MVPs Being Market Tested​

$500k+ Generated From Solutions Built

Since 2023

Fueling Ventures With Experience

Drawing from a wealth of diverse experiences—embracing victories and learning from obstacles—we’ve crafted a robust methodology and roadmap. Our journey in launching B2B tech products informs this approach, meticulously designed to guide enterprises and entrepreneurs alike through every stage, from inception to execution.

We are your partners, not vendors. We build and scale the venture with you.

We are B2B tech founders and truly love the creative destruction process.​

We love building MVPs, experimenting, and building scalable solutions.​

Our model works as we build and scale the solution ourselves.​