For Entrepreneurs

Co-found a Startup With Heinonen Ventures

Heinonen Ventures thrives on a vibrant community of founders, builders, operators, and innovators. We’re dedicated to propelling each member forward, aiding them in their next venture pursuits.
Building From The Ground Up

We Partner With Entrepreneurs to Develop B2B Solutions That Become High Growth Companies.

Build With a Serial Entrepreneur

We have taken startups to enterprise companies from the idea phase to a fully functioning product.

Fast-Track Product and Test Market Fit

Collaborate with a dedicated team of executives and founders to validate concepts of business mode and MVP.

Raise Capital & Scale Your Company

We partake and help you raise your first funding round as well as hire and train your first hires to scale the company.

Venture Studio Benenfits

Start Your Company With a Unique Advantage

Embark on a journey with a distinct edge in the market. Our proven strategies and tailored solutions empower you to establish, grow, and thrive in the competitive landscape.



Personal engagement and support from Miguel Heinonen & Partners for the founding team and professional development. With us by your side, you’ll have the expertise and mentorship needed to confidently steer your venture toward success.



Direct investments in the venture through the Heinonen Ventures fund and access to a network of early-stage capital.



Co-founder and leadership opportunities for founders to step into and run new ventures launched spinouts, and high-growth ventures in the network.



We collaborate closely with you, building your solution from the ground up, all while ensuring affordability that doesn’t compromise quality. We aim to deliver a solution that generates revenue from day one.
Start Your Venture With us

We Are Always Looking for Passionate Founders & Creative Thinkers to Build With

Our collective is defined by its shared energy, curiosity, values, and passion to build, together. All members of Heinonen Ventures brings first-hand experience and passion for early-stage ideation and development